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Traditional Clay Tandoors

With a clay pot fitted inside, our mild steel square tandoor is designed to suit the needs of all kitchens, serving traditional tandoori items. The core material is made of terracotta clay and the outer casing is of mild steel. Available in custom designs, this multipurpose tandoor can perfectly match the dĂ©cor of our clients’ kitchens. Our clients can choose from different finishing options of granite tops, cemented tops, stainless… Read More

How Can Safety And Maintenance Of Tandoor?

Tandoor is a traditional way of cooking foods especially naan and roti. It keeps the natural taste and nutrients protected. In addition to cooking, it helps the home get heated during winter. At Munnilal Tandoors, we use the latest cutting machines in designing and shaping spherical shaped tandoors. You need to take proper care of its safety and maintenance so that you can use this appliance safely for a longer… Read More